At Meteor Studios we are constantly striving to improve our sound.

Our current gear includes:

DAW-Protools 11

Monitors– Yamaha HS6

Mic Preamps

Apollo 8p, The brain of the studio. Featuring unison mic preamp technology which lets you choose between some of the best digitally modelled pre amps from API, SSL and Neve.

8- Mackie Onyx


Shure sm57

Shure sm58

Shure sm7b

Shure beta 52


(3) Sennheiser e604

Sennheiser e835

AKG c2000b

Rhode M5 matched pair

Neuman TLM-103

Software Plugins

Universal Audio UAD2+, which includes plugins by Neve, API, SSL.

Izotope Alloy2

Izotope Ozone5