Alien Theorists Theorizing is produced, recorded, and mixed by Meteor Sound Studio. An international charting podcast with over 7 million downloads.

Join The Theorists as they wade through the BS and get inspired by the possibilities. An open-minded comedy podcast discussing: Space exploration, the UFO and ET phenomenon, cold case mysteries, cryptozoology, and anything else in the world of the weird.


Cosmic Channels is produced, recorded, and mixed by Meteor Sound Studio

You are not alone! Reaching out across the world to hear from those that have had their own experiences with the paranormal, Cosmic Channels is here to take your calls. Join The Theorists, Zel, Braden, Dan, and Andrew as they open up the lines to people with supernatural, spooky, or sensational stories of true encounters. The world is filled with the experiences of everyday people who are witnesses to mysterious events that defy explanation. Cosmic Channels is a show where those stories are allowed to come to light and find others who may have seen the very same or similar ufo, ghost, or cryptid. Tales and discussions with hosts who are eager to explore and understand the world beyond what can only be seen with the naked eye. Have a seat, crack a beer, and open your mind to the mysteries that abound across the Cosmic Channels!


Natural Life was  produced, recorded, and mixed by Meteor Sound Studio

Natural Life is a limited series podcast by Richard Kelly Kemick chronicling the life of his cousin Christian McNeil, who is serving a lifetime sentence without parole in a Michigan prison


Previously Produced by Meteor Sound

Welcome to Kelowna Talks, a podcast presented by the City of Kelowna that explores the "why" behind the decisions that shape your city. Tune in for weekly episodes with host, Bob Evans, Partnerships Office Director with the City of Kelowna, as he welcomes guest subject matter experts to explain the processes and decisions that influence the lives of the citizens.